Professional Furniture Assembly With Unquestionable Results in Indianapolis,IN

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Professional Furniture Assembly With Unquestionable Results in Indianapolis, IN

Outstanding Furniture Installation in Indianapolis, IN

Are you looking to update your home interior with some new furniture? Maybe you need a new rectangular or oval conference table for your business? Choose Elite Furniture Installations LLC for the correct and precise furniture assembly project. We have expertise in residential and commercial furniture installation in Indianapolis, IN. For more information, take a look at the list on this page.

We Offer You

New & Used Furniture Installation

New & Used Furniture Installation
Whether you have a savvy mindset and decided to buy used furniture or bought brand-new pieces, we will be glad to help install them for you. We offer a professional furniture installation service for all your residential and commercial tables, wardrobes, bedroom sets, and more. Using various hand and power tools, our technicians can assemble even the most complex items promptly. Contact our experienced installers for any projects you have lined up today.

Furniture Delivery

Furniture Delivery
In the modern era, you no longer have to go from a store to store to purchase the right pieces. You can order standardized furnishings online. If you do not have any transport, we can provide well-maintained, clean, convenient vehicles to pick up and deliver the new furniture to your home or business or relocate it from one place to another. Whether you only need one table or a bunch of desks for your office, give us a call to arrange the delivery. 

Old Furniture Removal

Old Furniture Removal
You can contact our furniture assembly company for proper old furniture removal and disposal. Most wooden furnishings can be recycled regardless of their condition. Our team can remove large and heavy armchairs, wardrobes, nightstands, lockers, cabinets, cupboards, bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets, and so much more. To get rid of your old furniture, you do not have to lift and carry them but call our experts to do it for you. 

New Design & Furniture Support

New Design & Furniture Support
Our company provides reliable space planning and support for your furniture as well. You can always book a consultation with our experienced technicians when you need design services, short-term warehousing, and shipment. We have spacious storage units at our disposal where you can temporarily store your pieces during a relocation. Just give us your custom dimensions, and we will make the right furniture for you.

Custom Artwork

Custom Artwork
If you want to beautify your home or business with custom artwork, call our specialists. We can supply and hang the pieces where ever you want them. From great paintings to various other accessories and embellishments for your bedroom, kitchen, or any other room, you name it. For customized artwork for your hallway, bedroom, living room, or office space, we are ready to deal with it for you.

A Plethora of Benefits

Whether you need an office furniture installation or only to deliver a few pieces for your home, our team will be happy to lend you a hand. We have the experience and knowledge to turn your on-paper design into a functional space. Our team has everything you can think of, from large vehicles to complex equipment to deliver and remove old furniture. Furniture assembly can be a big job when it includes moving around big pieces. To get it done right, call us today.

Great Experience

To ensure a great experience and get everything done in a timely and correct manner, our specialists will first look at the manufacturer’s schemes and manuals. We definitely do not want to break or damage any part, so we promise you we will plan the task carefully. We will bring the necessary tools and machines and start the assembly process, following all the stages.

If you need to talk to trustworthy office furniture installation companies in the Indianapolis, IN area, then do not delay and contact us now. Elite Furniture Installations LLC is the service provider you need.

Client’s Testimonial

by Ken and Deborah J. on Elite Furniture Installations LLC

Your furniture assembly company was recommended by a friend who used your assistance a while ago. We were stunned by the quick and professional work of your technicians. Thank you very much for assembling the bedroom sets for us. We will call you again for any future projects.

Melad Melad
Melad Melad
From office desks to conference tables and everything in between. If you need some help with furniture installation, then these guys are your best bet. They know how to put together almost any type of furniture quickly and correctly!
Neva Phillips
Neva Phillips
This was a great experience. I had my furniture delivered, and it was all put together perfectly. They even made sure to include the pillows for my couch!
Louis Baker
Louis Baker
Furniture Assembly provided an amazing service when I needed help putting together a bed frame I had recently purchased. They were very friendly and went out of their way to make sure everything was done properly. Highly recommend!
Kevin Bell
Kevin Bell
Very impressed with the service and quality of the furniture I received. The assembly process was easy, and my furniture looks great!

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